ZYPAD news and press review

Media Date Title Source - Author
03/05/2011 Eurotech launches the Zypad BR2000 series of Ruggedized Computers
22/03/2011 Wearable computer comes with more communication options eetimes.eu Julien Happich
21/03/2011 Eurotech Launches the Zypad WL1500 Wearable Computers
24/02/2011 Wearable, Atom-powered computer ready for rough field duty LinuxDevices.com
23/02/2011 Rugged Soldier Wearable Computer Unveiled at AUSA Winter Expo Delivering Full PC Performance in Power Efficient, Small Form Factor
(227 Kb) 03/11/2009 Generation homo-zapiens Financial Times Joia Shillingford
15/05/2009 Eurotech presents a new wearable interactive tourist guide
17/11/2008 WR11xx - Rugged Wrist PC
08/08/2008 Eurotech Launches the ZyWAN Cellular Routing Modem with Enhanced Security Features
07/02/2008 Eurotech: Zypad Selected To Automate Distribution And Stocking Centers
(4438 Kb) 07/02/2008 RAI TG1 - Eurotech (mediaplayer ) RAI TG1
(4238 Kb)06/02/2008 Eurotech RAI TG1 (mediaplayer) RAI TG1
(668 Kb) 28/01/2008 Microcomputer Italiani al servizio della U.S. Navy Corriere Economia Barbara Millucci
(273 Kb) 18/12/2007 Protezione civile, tuta da superman Messaggero Veneto Michele Meloni Tessitori
17/12/2007 Wearable Technology “dresses” the civil defence unit.
(325 Kb) 01/01/2007 Il Futuro è un computer da polso Rotary International Antonio Di lorenzo
14/03/2006 Arcom Awarded Contract From Sandia National Labs for Wearable Tracker device.
(86 Kb) 04/08/2006 Un mini Pc da Eurotech Il Mondo
(155 Kb) 10/07/2006 Eurotech, computer da polso ad elevata capacità di calcolo La Repubblica - Affari&Finanza Lorenzo Briotti
14/03/2006 Eurotech unveils ZYPAD
23/06/2006 EUROTECH: Wearable Pc won Soldier Technology awards 2006 for Best Innovative Product
14/03/2006 Eurotech unveils the Wrist Wearable PC
(1542 Kb) 08/02/2006 Il cavaliere del nanocomputer Capital Marco Gentili
(400 Kb) 13/05/2005 Il microcomputer adesso s'indossa Panorama Economy Anna Matteoli

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